Gangsters counter-protest student-occupied legislature

Via NTU (National Taiwan University) E News Forum

Counter-protestors descended upon the Sunflower-occupied Taiwan legislative Yuan this afternoon (Tues 4/1), demanding the students returned legislature.【場外即時】
A counter-protest against the students occupying the Legislative Yuan has been taking place this afternoon, with supporters of CSSTA claiming that student leaders Lin Fei-fan and Chen Wei-ting should be arrested for the illegal occupation of the legislature. Although rainy weather early in the morning forced many sitting on the streets to leave and seek shelter, as word spread of the counter-protest, led by infamous gangster “White Wolf” Chang An-lo, crowds supporting the students quickly amassed to block the counter-protesters.

CSSTA supporters chanted, “The students are the gangsters!”, with Chang An-lo shouting on a truck through a megaphone.

Supporters of the Sunflower Movement chanted, “Gangsters go back!”, while Chang retorted with, “So you DPP guys are not corrupt?” “So you people have never sucked up to gangsters?”, and “You are Chinese bastards, China doesn’t want you people.”

When the police called for restraint, Chang demanded for the students to “Return the legislature.”

This just published 8:01 pm, observations of foreign media worker: “I am watching TV. The anti sunflowers want to enter the Legislative Yuan and say they have the same rights as the students to do so. But the police keep them out.”



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